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July 16, 2018
Development Associate
August 27, 2018

Wheelchair Users’ Voice (WUV), a Google.org funded project being managed by UCP Wheels for Humanity, has completed its pilot phase in Bali, Indonesia. The aim of WUV is to increase the number of people with access to appropriate wheelchairs worldwide by empowering institutional wheelchair buyers with a first-of-its-kind dataset about the quality, durability, and health outcomes associated with the chairs they purchase.


Researchers speak with a WUV participant

The study differs from product oriented studies by addressing the impact of a variety of wheelchairs on their users life satisfaction, health, mobility, adoption rates, economic and social integration and independence. The evaluation, which uses qualitative and quantitative data analysis and collection, compares the impact of five different appropriate wheelchairs that meet WHO Wheelchair Service Training Package or ISO standards with regular hospital wheelchairs that do not meet these standards.

WUV marks a significant step toward closing the gap in high quality evidenced-based research that is needed to drive policy decision making. The project also addresses one of the root causes of the poverty trap for people with disabilities, access to assistive technology.

See the presentation made at the International Seating Symposium in Vancouver, March 6-9, 2018 here. This presentation covers the results of variations in mobility levels of wheelchair users across six types of wheelchairs included in the study. Further analysis is being undertaken to evaluate the wheelchair service provision on different types of health and socio-economic indicators. Preparations are now underway to roll out stage two of the project in El Salvador. 

For more information about Wheelchair Users Voice please contact Yasmin Garcia at ygarcia@ucpwheels.org

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