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The Liberty, designed and manufactured by UCP Wheels for Humanity, has been one of the most popular pediatric wheelchairs for use in developing countries since it was first launched in 2010.

As their bodies are still growing, children with physical disabilities are at greater risk than adults of developing painful deformities, pressure sores and other medical conditions caused by hours of sitting in poorly fitted wheelchairs. The Liberty helps to reduce those problems by including a range of seating system options and adjustable features more commonly found in high-end chairs but at an affordable price.

After nine years of providing more than 10,000 Liberty’s to children in need, UCP Wheels is now in production with a new, updated model, Liberty II. The new design includes ergonomic armrests, and an upgraded, adjustable seating system and tray, providing even greater comfort for children with disabilities.

We want to bring the Liberty II to 10,000 more children in need around the world. YOU can help!

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A donation of just $21 a month is all it takes for kids like Romina, Dina and Danar, to experience the freedom, inclusion and happiness that results from a high-quality, properly-fitted wheelchair!

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