El Salvador

"You can make it if you follow your dreams!"
Carolina shares her story and talks about the benefits of a properly-fitted wheelchair.
“I’ll really be able to do many things with this wheelchair now, it’s amazing!”
How this 6-year old has had a more positive impact on her community than many people do in a lifetime.
Katherine has a new outlook on life after receiving physical therapy from UCP Wheels for Humanity.
Rocio was a victim of gun violence at the young age of eight, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.


“I have always lived an active life, so it was difficult for me to stay at home the whole day.” 


Nadia's new wheelchair has been a dream come true! The best part - now she can go to school!
Why does having a wheelchair appropriate to a user's environment and lifestyle matter?
Park Kodra's new wheelchair enables him to have a sustainable income and play a killer game of badminton!
"This wheelchair is much more agile. I can take it anywhere with ease."
Watch Dodi's story to see the difference a properly fitted wheelchair makes.
Danar is quite popular in his neighborhood. Watch this joyful video and you'll see why!
See how an appropriately fitted wheelchair has enabled Ophelia to go to school and be a part of her community.
A celebration of moms around the world!
A moving testimonial about life before mobility.
From housebound to crossing the country in her motorcycle - Sri is pure inspiration!


“In our poverty, my mother taught me how to use myself, to fight, and to enjoy life.”


“Life seems faster.”


“I’ve started to live again, to enjoy every day and to get involved in everything.”


“We are so happy that Darweshi received a wheelchair. Now he will definitely start school.”


Olena received a grant from our Ukraine program - read how it has changed her life.
The vocational training has "help[ed] me and my family to have a better standard of living."
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