Meet Katherine
October 2, 2016
December 15, 2016

 “Now I see that I can do anything. Nothing is impossible in this life.”

Living with a disability in a rural village in El Salvador, Obe was unable to get around on his own and had to give up many of the activities he loved.

As the only child using a wheelchair in his barrio, Obe had never met a successful, empowered person with a disability. Without a role model, Obe felt that he had few opportunities and eventually dropped out of school.

This year, Obe participated in one of our life-changing Adaptive Sports Camps, which are hosted each month in El Salvador for children with disabilities. Camp not only taught Obe practical skills for navigating his world, but also gave him confidence and a community which he never had before.

At UCP Wheels for Humanity, we work every day to improve the lives of people with disabilities across the globe. Programs like our Sports Camps go beyond providing mobility, empowering our clients to become independent and having a lasting impact for years to come. Join us as we work to widen this impact to as many people like Obe as possible.

Together, we can change lives.


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