June 1, 2013
June 30, 2013

An estimated 24 million Indonesians have a disability, and 2.4 million of them need a wheelchair. In Indonesia, as in most developing countries, the majority of this population cannot afford a wheelchair, and is instead resigned to crawl, be carried, or stay at home.

UCP Wheels saw the potential to address this lack of appropriate wheelchairs and other mobility devices in Indonesia — the location of our flagship satellite office.

Established in 2009 with the support of UCP Wheels for Humanity and USAID, UCP Roda Untuk Kemanusiaan (UCPRUK) is the first organization of its kind in Indonesia to provide appropriately fitted wheelchairs for children and adults and capacity-building training for local wheelchair practitioners in addition to empowerment and advocacy programs for the disabled population of Indonesia.

UCPRUK supports the growth of local infrastructure to manufacture various models of wheelchairs appropriate for the needs of the population while developing a new skilled profession of wheelchair practitioners across the country. This combined effort helps ensure that wheelchairs are available more widely and that they can be maintained using locally sourced materials and service technicians.

Long-term sustainability can only be achieved by empowering the disabled population to advocate on behalf of their own human rights. With the long-term support of the Indonesian government, it is UCPRUK’s goal to build an infrastructure that will provide appropriate equipment and responsible services for Indonesian people with disabilities indefinitely.

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