We link people who have recently gained mobility to resources and establish community support to educate and create opportunities.

$2-$3.5 trillion is lost annually worldwide due to the exclusion of people with disabilities from the workforce.

International Labor Organization

Our goal is to break down the barriers stopping people with disabilities from reaching their full, individual potential. Once our clients receive a wheelchair many can begin to access employment opportunities. Our empowerment programs link our clients to local resources so they can better understand their personal abilities and potential.

Less than 50% of children with disabilities attend school worldwide.

World Report on Disability

With support groups for parents and caregivers of people with disabilities, we provide basic health information on nutrition, exercise and understanding disabilities. In creating dialogue between families who share similar experiences, we foster healthy discussion on how to support children with disabilities and create opportunity for them. Our curriculum highlights the importance of school enrollment, social integration and activity in the community.

Our sports programs focus on peer exchange, coach training and team building, recognizing the powerful impact that sports can have on a person’s self esteem and health. Most people with disabilities in developing countries have never been exposed to adaptive sports, and by introducing them to wheelchair sports like basketball, tennis and volleyball, they are able to view themselves in a new, more capable light, while working up a sweat. Adaptive sports teach participants the value of setting and achieving goals, working as a team and being an active and visible part of their communities.

80% of people with disabilities live in developing countries. 

World Health Organization

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