March 19, 2015
May 26, 2015

UCP Wheels for Humanity (UCP Wheels) invites qualified international organizations, community-based organizations, faith-based and secular organizations, universities, non-governmental organizations and host country governments to submit applications to participate in CLASP (Consolidating Logistics for Assistive Technology Supply and Provision), an opportunity for wheelchair service providers to receive a range of appropriate wheelchairs to best suit the needs of local users. This solicitation is specifically intended for organizations with an existing capacity to provide wheelchairs with appropriate service in less-resourced settings.

UCP Wheels is managing this two-year global project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through Advancing Partners & Communities (APC), a five-year cooperative agreement funded by USAID under No. AID-OAA-A-12-00047.

CLASP aims to improve and streamline wheelchair provision in less-resourced settings all over the world. Through CLASP,wheelchair providers will have access to a greater variety of wheelchairs and a faster, more user-friendly system for ordering and receiving products. Key to this objective is partnering with organizations that provide appropriate wheelchair services.

Up to 10 organizations will be selected to participate in the initial launch of CLASP. Participants will have the opportunity to order a minimum of 300 wheelchairs of their choosing from a variety of products. Participants that demonstrate responsible provision and increased demand may receive ongoing product support. Wheelchair orders within CLASP will be funded by USAID, but local transport and importation fees will be the responsibility of the grantee.

The CLASP Provider Application consists of three phases: to assess service capacity, service quality and inventory management. The Request for Applications (RFA) and Phase 1 Application can be found at The RFA explains CLASP, as well as the application process and selection criteria for potential CLASP Providers. If you encounter problems accessing either document, please contact

Applications for Phase 1 must be submitted in English by May 27, 2015 at 10:00 AM PDT/5:00 PM GMT. Applications submitted after the closing date may not be considered. One (1) completed application per organization should be emailed as an attachment to

Any questions concerning this solicitation should be submitted by email to Amy Korngiebel, CLASP Project Coordinator, at by May 15, 2015. A list of all questions and answers will be posted at by May 20, 2015.

Thank you for your consideration of this project. We look forward to your organization’s participation.


Michael Allen

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