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UCPW has been working in Indonesia for more than 10 years, making it the first organization of its kind in the country to provide appropriately fitted wheelchairs for children and adults. UCP RUK, our Indonesian satellite office, has developed a skilled labor force of wheelchair practitioners across the country - ensuring that a sustainable system for providing appropriate wheelchairs, services and products are available more widely.                           

UCP RUK also works with the Indonesian government and local NGOs to implement services, policies and regulations that benefit people with disabilities.    

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El Salvador

UCPW is leading Wheelchair User’s Voice (WUV) in El Salvador, a far-reaching project funded by as one of the ‘big ideas that use technology to expand opportunity and independence for people with disabilities’. It was funded under Google’s Impact Challenge – Disabilities. Read more here.

Wheelchair User’s Voice aims to provide large donors and governments with key information needed to bring more appropriate wheelchairs to users. WUV studies wheelchair users in their everyday lives, gathering information from data logger sensors fitted to wheelchairs, user feedback via text message questionnaires, and person to person surveys. The pilot stage of the project, took place in Bali, Indonesia. The full project is now being rolled out in El Salvador. The data will be used to evaluate the quality, durability, and performance of six different types of wheelchairs, and the impact on users’ quality of life, health, economic, and social participation. The outcomes are set to transform how humanitarian organizations deliver wheelchairs that meet their beneficiaries’ and governments unique needs. 

To see the project in action watch our WUV Research Study video


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UCPW has worked in Ukraine since 2002, conducting wheelchair clinics in locations across the country. For the past five years UCPW has been working to establish comprehensive rehabilitation services for casualties of the conflict with Russia in the eastern border region. Funded by USAID, the TEAM Ukraine project is training and developing standards for rehabilitation service personnel including neurologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists; increasing access to economic opportunities for people with disabilities through job skills and business development training; expanding the provision of assistive technology; and delivering medical/physical rehabilitation services to people with disabilities, including physical therapy, psycho-social support, and independence skills training.

The TEAM Ukraine project is also promoting greater discussion on government policies for rehabilitation services, and updating existing knowledge and skills for physical therapists who are leading the development of their profession on a national scale.

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Global Wheelchair Provision with CLASP II

A program of UCP Wheels for Humanity, CLASP (Consolidating Logistics for Assistive Technology Supply & Provision) is a USAID-funded supply chain solution that increases access to high-quality, affordable Assistive Products, and promotes appropriate provision globally.

CLASP serves as a global distributor of high-quality wheelchairs and other assistive mobility products. Through its centralized procurement hub in Shanghai, China, CLASP purchases, warehouses, consolidates and transports assistive mobility products from a consortium of manufacturers and ships directly to service providers worldwide. CLASP solves the long-standing procurement frustration experienced by governments and humanitarian organizations, by providing increased responsiveness, broader market access, and a wide range of products for wheelchair providers and suppliers.

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