December 18, 2013
January 4, 2014

Susan Bittan, UCP Wheels Board Member and wife of the E Street Band’s Roy Bittan, has been volunteering on behalf of people with disabilities throughout the world for the past several years. As part of her charitable work, she has met many generous and kind individuals, including Diane Margolin and her remarkable late husband, Michael Weiner. Michael spent the final part of his life using a wheelchair to pursue his passions—his family and his work—as described in ESPN’s admiring and respectfully un-romanticized tribute. He and Diane appreciated every opportunity they had to continue living their life together, and in celebration of that spirit the Margolin-Weiner family recently decided to celebrate Hanukkah with gifts to UCP Wheels for Humanity. We are honored to shepherd these tributes, and to share with you Diane’s beautiful dedication:

Many years ago Susan Bittan introduced us to UCP Wheels for Humanity and the importance of getting wheelchairs to those who need them. I am so grateful to have been put in this way of thinking as it prepared me to better serve my husband when cancer limited his mobility to a chair for the 6 months before he died. Because I have followed your global efforts I was able to see the chair not as a reminder of limitation but as a life enhancer. Thank you.

Our most sincere thanks are extended to the Margolin-Weiner family, Susan Bittan, and everyone else out there who is refusing—or supporting those who refuse—to be defined by their use of a wheelchair. As Diane so perfectly put it, they are life enhancers. Here’s to all of the amazing things that wheelchair users are able to do and contribute to our world.

Image: Mark Matcho for ESPN

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